Top 5 Marijuana Vaporizers In The Market Today

top marijuana vaporizers on saleMarijuana vaporizer is something everyone should at least try at some point in life. Marijuana vaporizer is a device that allows you to make smoke without necessarily having to reach combustion. It’s always an awesome and unique experience especially for people who are trying it for the first time. Today, people are increasingly adopting the use of marijuana vaporizer. This has resulted in the introduction of so many different brands in the market. For you to get an enjoyable experience, it’s vital that you invest in a high-quality unit. Here are some of the best marijuana vaporizers in the market.

1. Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty vaporizer is one of the highest rated vaporizers in the market today. It has received a lot of awesome reviews from people who have used it previously. Plenty vaporizer is an affordable unit that uses a very powerful latest technology. It comprises of a hot air generator, and it uses balloons and pumps and operates very quietly. It has a double helix exchanger that provides an efficient air heating, thus producing a thick and clean vapor. Made of high-quality durable material, plenty vaporizer provides a vaping experience no other vaporizer can match.

2. DaVici Vaporizer

The DaVinci vaporizer has been in the market for a long time and has remained to be one of the most popular vaporizers. The DaVinci is a very conducive vaporizer especially for people operating under a budget. While other vaporizers of the same category with the DaVinci might be fragile, you don’t have to worry about dropping this unit. According to the manufacturer, it has been tested six times from a height of ten feet. This unit also features a rechargeable battery, with every full charge giving you an hour of uninterrupted use. The DaVinci offers tremendous value for your money.

3. Haze Vaporizer

The Haze is the first dual portable marijuana vaporizer to be released on the market. It features 4 different temperature settings, and it’s perfect for different moisture type (sticky, soft, hard, and dry) and density. This unit has two different types of heating inside the steel walls, providing both conduction and convection heating. With just a simple press of the switch, you can set Haze Vaporizer on conduction heating where your weed is in direct contact with the source of the heat. The Haze took researchers in the vaporizer industry long time to research but finally came out with an awesome device worth investing your money in. A ten-year warranty backs it.

4. Atmos Transporter

The Atmos Transporter vaporizer – is one of the newest vaporizers in the market. It features a high-grade ceramic chamber that the ability to vaporize your weed at very high temperatures without having any funny taste. The Atmos Transporter is designed to look like flask built out of a scratch resistant anodized shell. This unit’s chamber is fairly large and has the potential of holding up to 2 grams of weed.

5. Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch is among the most unique portable vaporizers in the market today. Despite its unconventional design, this unit is surprisingly simple to use. It relies on a single rechargeable battery to power the element. To launch the unit, just apply some small pressure on the battery, wait for a few seconds for it to launch and then inhale through the mouthpiece. At just a small, affordable price, this unit is awesome for those who prefer function over fashion.

Bottom Line

There you have it. The list above represents the most effective and high-quality marijuana vaporizers despite the fact that there are so many in the market today. You can now enjoy your time as you vaporize your pot.